To fix the audio renderer error, you may either try to restart your computer or use a components device troubleshooter. Both strategies will solve the problem briefly. After you’ve taken off the problem drivers, you can try to experience the audio document again. Whether it still does not work, try to restart your computer again. If all else fails, try one of the strategies below to fix the audio renderer mistake. We’ll go over each approach briefly.

First of all, you can try clearing your data foc. This process is different for each browser. If you’re having this matter when observing YouTube, you can clear your data cache by going into the browser configurations. However , you will be cautious in doing this as it can trigger further harm to your computer. Just in case you’re unfamiliar while using the details of the method, you can look for guides to repair the problem online. Besides, this approach will help you recognize whether the is actually related to your audio card.

The second technique is to re-order the audio device driver. This technique will fix the audio tracks renderer problem for good. To try this kind of, navigate to the Device Manager and select ‘Sound, video, and video game controllers’. Then simply, find the Audio device and click on the ‘Roll Back Driver’ button. If you still have the problem, you can try getting rid of the audio device. The next time you get the Audio tracks Renderer mistake, remember to adopt the steps mentioned above.