Autumn is an awesome time to sell your home. In fact, selling in the Fall is the 2nd best time (after May) to sell your home. With the busy-ness of Summer slowing down, families start to look forward to a routine and consistency until the crazy-ness of the Ho Ho Holidays is upon us.

In the Fraser Valley, we are lucky to have four Seasons. People won’t be irritated by the Dog Days Of Summer, or freezing their butts off in the Winter. September and October are a wonderful time to prepare your home for sale. Ideally, if you can locate the right agent, you will hopefully be moved into your new home by the Holidays.

Don’t Fall into a housing market trap. Here are some tips to prepare your home for selling in Autumn

Clean up outside

With the last couple sunny weekends, give your home a good pressure wash. Prepare a cozy and clean outdoor area; either on your front porch our patio and start welcoming the coming season. Many screens and corners can get dusty and dirty from the summer heat and pollen, be sure to give them a good clean. Your property will be easier to maintain after pressure washing and it will make racking leaves a lot easier once they fall.


With the changing season, the nights get longer and darker. Be sure to turn on all the lights in your home, pull up blinds, open drapes, turn on the fireplace and bring light and warmth to your showings.


If you have a wood burning fireplace, keep it clean. This might be the year to service your fireplace with a chimney sweep. Be sure to tell the potential new home buyers that the fireplace had just been serviced.

Curb Appeal in the Fall

Visit your local garden center to pick out Fall Annuals and Perennials. I would recommend Little Mountain Garden Centre in Chilliwack, BC for locally grown items. Lets face it, your Summer time annuals were great in their glory, but after the season has passed it is time to clean out those baskets and replace with some fall favorites. There are so many beautiful Mums and Autumn Flowers to choose from. Create a welcoming display with pumpkins and gourds at your front door.

Mmmmmm smellin’ good

There is nothing more welcoming then walking into a home that smells clean, fresh and offers the delicious scent of baked goods. Baked pumpkin or apple pies offer a lovely treat for your showings. Or even put a tray of cinnamon sticks on the table or a basket of delicious red apples.